Michael Larsson
Niclas Swedentorp
Perra Johansson
Chris Goldsmith
Matti Eklund ( additional keyboards )


They come from the land of the “ice and snow” up in the north of Sweden. ColdSpell where formed in 2005 and is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson who was previously with the band R.A.W, a band that recorded two albums in the 90’s.
The band took the world by storm with their “Infinite Stargaze” release in early 2009, a recording that draws influences from the groove of the 70’s to the choruses and melodies of the 80’s, mixed with the raw and naked excitement of the 90’s, not forgetting the production expertise of the millennium.

Coldspell signed a record deal with Escape-music UK and the debut album “Infinite Stragaze” was released in 2009 and did create a stir in rock circles. Songs like “Keep on Believin”, “Eye of the Storm”, “Night Falls” and “Shot Down” won fans over time and time again. The album received stunning reviews all over the world and was on several album “toplists” for 2009 and “The album of the year” at (category “heavy, hard and melodic rock”). Mixed by Tommy Hansen and artwork by André Beckston.

And two years later in 2011 the new album “Out from the Cold” was released, once again mixed by Tommy Hansen in Denmark, Tommy of course having previously worked with Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids, Jorn and Pagan’s Mind just to mention a few! Artwork was done by Eric Philippe.
Between these 2 albums there where some changes in the line-up when Tobbe and Tommi left the band and 2 old friends of Michael from Uppsala joined ColdSpell for this second album release and we are talkin about Perra Johansson (ex.Crawley/Lost Souls) on drums and Anders “Kebbe” Lindmark on bass (ex.Dalton/RAW)

On the 20th september in 2013 the “Frozen Paradise” album was released and it was defenitely an album that did bring the band to new hights, gained new fans and followers all over the world. As “Kebbe” decided to leave the band the bass was now handled by Chris Goldsmith. The new release did bring ColdSpell back to UK for the 5th time and to US for the 4th time and the band have also done a huge number of shows/festivals since the release of the Frozen Paradise album. This album was also mixed by T. Hansen and the artwork is done by Eric Philippe.

ColdSpell is now ready to release a brand new album and an album number 4 that will hopefully please the fans of the style of hardrock/metal that have become the trademark of ColdSpell. So see you in 2017 – we are thrilled and we are ready!

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