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10/10at BeRock Radio in Greece
Closing this review I want to say that when I had a conversation with Snaki (admin) he told me that if this album was from a band like Whitesnake it would be the talk of the town worldwide and I agree totally!! My opinion is that Coldspell are here to stay and give a lot to this genre, this is just the beginning!! Enjoy!!

10/10 by Julian at in Germany

5/5 at Melodic-rock-inside in GermanyFür Hardrock und Skandinavien-Rock Fans ist diese Scheibe eine absolute Kaufempfehlung

7/10 at Classic Rock Magazine UKAn album that will be among the most effective of its type to be released in 2011. And this is a band that still growing into its skin. Beacause not only does each song make sense, but the overall balance here means that all bases are covered from power ballads to out- and -out thunderous riffing

By Dave Cockett at Fireworks Magazin in UKthe same big choruses, swaggering riffs, swirling keyboards and monstrous hooks

From Rockpages in Greece“Coldspell is an impressive act, based on guitar themes, solid sound, first class musicians and a fantastic voice”

9/10 by K.Gustavsson at in Sweden“Att få sina fördomar så här brutalt krossade har aldrig känts bättre och om Coldspell inte får ett genombrott med denna plattan så är hoppet ute för mänskligheten, åtminstone vad gäller musik. Bästa låt: ”Time”. Resterande 11 låtar kommer på andraplatsen”

5/6 at RockReport in Belgium“Now back with another excellent album, provided with a cover from our Belgian designer Eric Philippe, produced by (main songwriter and guitarist) Michael Larsson and (once again) mixed and mastered by the famous Tommy Hansen”

9/10 by Steve Swift at Powerplay Magazine UK

4/5 by Jason at

86/100 at Lords of

8,5/10 at “There are no filler tracks, Coldspell has again presented a solid craftsmanship that gives me a desire to see them live and sing along to their songs at 100dB +.”

9/10 by Steven Reid at MetalPerspective.comIn a genre littered with wannabees and clones, Coldspell are the real deal and if you are looking for a new hard rock album that really sums up what this style of music is all about, then search no longer

 4,5/5 by Stephen at
Coldspell did an amazing job here and thanks to the mastermind behind the songwriting vehicle, Michael Larsson, who also deserved a standing applause for his grandeur solos throughout the album. I know it’s still early, but the quality they offered here is good enough for me to nominate them as a great candidate to be in my top ten releases of 2011″

90/100 from Stefan at MetalToInfinity
Raising up a band with this type of frontman surrounded by a gang of multifunctional, skilled to the teeth musicians it’s almost impossible to let the deal go wrong. For example, guitarist Michael Larsson again in very good condition offering impressive movements while enchanting his magical axe in upper concentration… loaded with a beautiful, technical form of riffage and solo’s – as a shred guitar maniac, I’m pleased to the extreme!

9/10 from Janne Stark at in SwedenHär finns gitarriff som sitter som en pannbiff i en marmorvägg, där exempelvis ”Heading For Tomorrow” är ett lysnade exempel. Vidare kan jag inte låta bli att nämna ”Seven Wonders”, som har en refräng som formligen spränger sig in i pannbenet och stannar ohjälpligt kvar där. Jag har, trots ansträngningar, inte lyckats hitta en enda svacka på plattan!

8/10 from Alex Barbieri at HardrockHaven in USColdSpell impress with sheer talent, an impeccable sense for songwriting and a sincere passion for their music. Like a fine wine, this is an album is worthy of time and appreciation—sip it, swirl it and drink it down—you’ll be rewarded with a rare gift of melodic hardrock

9,5/10 from in Australia “Out From The Cold’ is immense stuff, highly melodic, and is a danger to weak speaker systems if someone is not careful with the volume control. Prepare to be given a total aural examination!”

From Martell at “I have a feeling we will be seeing this album on many a top 10 list again next year and don’t you forget it”

4/5 by Chris at in US “Up till the last 2 years Sweden was been best known as the home of IKEA and of course ABBA. UGH! Thank God for ballsy Hard Rock bands like Crazy Lixx and now Coldspell to give it a good kick in the ass”!


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