We are ready for Scotland and US – are you?

Posted by admin on Jun 3, 2015

3 days with no sleep – but now were ready for the festivals in US and Scotland. And on top of that we managed to film the next video that will close the “Frozen Paradise” chapter before we start recording a new ColdSpell album! Horns up, rockers – see ya soon

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One more US show added!

Posted by admin on May 13, 2015

We are thrilled to say that we play at PicklePark in Minneapolis on the 16th July with special guest “Kickin Valentina”!



Update from the ColdSpell camp!

Posted by admin on May 13, 2015

For those of you who have noticed that Matti our keyboard player havent been around since last fall we like to explain a few things in the world of ColdSpell.

As its not always that easy to combine work / health / family / rock´n roll in life you sometimes need to focus on other things than Rock´n Roll and Matti took the decision to have a few months time-out by the end of last year. Matti havent been with us and performed live since then and from what we know now, thats how its gonna be in the nearest future as well.

But whats great is that Matti will still be a part of the ColdSpell family and do the always so amazing / stunning keyboards for the future coming album and if he will be back or if he will appear live with us in the future , that will be left unsaid! But never say never

What we do know is that we are the best of friends and we will continue with this ColdSpell crusade even though Matti will be missed on stage

Peace Love and Hardrock


ColdSpell confirmed for RockFest in US in July!!!

Posted by admin on Mar 11, 2015

We are more than thrilled to say that ColdSpell play the amazing RockFest in US on the 18th of July!
We are honoured to headline the “next stage” that day right before main stage headline Judas Priest!
Were in good company that festival with bands like Avenged Sevenfold, Nickelback, Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, Killswitch Engage and many others!

So get your tickets and see you at RockFest in July 2015



ColdSpell @ Katalin / Uppsala / Sweden

Posted by admin on Feb 17, 2015

See you there on the 13th of March – get your tickets at the link below ;

“Get your tickets at Tickster”!



ColdSpell confirmed as the Sunday headline band at WildFire Festival in Scotland

Posted by admin on Jan 26, 2015

We are thrilled to say that the Swede´s are comin back to Scotland summer 2015 as the headline for Sunday!



A Happy New Year To You All

Posted by admin on Dec 31, 2014


Have a look in the chrystal ball ……………….

Posted by admin on Dec 16, 2014

Friends / fans / colleagues and every other rocker – time to close this 2014 chapter and focus on 2015!
We had a great year with some great shows , meeting some amazing people from all around the world!
Now its time to focus on 2015 and make it the best year so far – all in the name of Rock!

Its time again to record a new album and without sayin to much , have it released as soon as possible.
Time is set for when to start recording, but still got a few things to take care of before we can say anymore!
At the moment we and SunHill Management are workin on some cool stuff for next year and cant wait to reveal our little secrets and hopefully get to meet as many of you rockers out there.

Thanks to all of you Amazing people for givin us the inspiration to take ColdSpell in to the future.
Without you – no ColdSpell! Make sure to enjoy the last weeks of 2014 and May the force be with ya in 2015!

Peace Luv and Hardrock


Cant wait to be back – we love you England

Posted by admin on Dec 3, 2014

Just got back home from the Uk tour and cant do nothin but smile when thinkin about it!
What a welcome – some kind of friends / fans we have there in UK! We cant wait to be back!
Hopefully we soon got some news about the return to UK in 2015!
Love ya all and from the bottom of our hearts – Thanks



Thrilled to say that we got a show comin up with Pretty Maids!

Posted by admin on Oct 21, 2014

ColdSpell live @ Societen / Varberg / Sweden on the 15th November – see you there!


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